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Holistic Facials - Where Beauty meets Wellness

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

When I tell friends I offer 'Holistic Facials' they often say they've no idea what they are! So, what's the difference between a Holistic Facial and a regular salon facial?

Well, firstly, both will generally feature the same overall standard routine - cleanse, tone, mask etc. However, a holistic facial is so much more than just the standard facial routine... it treats the individual as a whole. A holistic facial is bespoke to each client personally, treating their skin of course, but also taking into account what's going on in their life at the moment - work stress, menopause, grief, hormone imbalance...

I use Holos Organic Skincare products in my treatment room and each is specially selected to meet my client's individual skin needs, life stage and also to help address and rebalance their mind-body-soul interconnection.

A holistic facial is incredibly relaxing and many clients quickly fall into a restorative sleep during a treatment, giving the body an important opportunity to rest and rebalance.

Most of us have busy and sometimes stressful lives. Too much stress affects our entire body: our nervous system, our endocrine system and our immune system. Stress can also be a major cause of premature ageing. Taking time out to relax and nurture ourselves is so important to not only our physical beauty but also the wellness of our mind and body. A holistic facial really is the ultimate in self care!

In addition to the standard cleanse/tone routine, I also use a variety of tools and techniques in my holistic facial treatments, which help work the facial muscles and fascia, helping to lift and sculpt the face, boost circulation and plumpen the skin. These include tools such gua sha, facial cupping, kansa wand, and modalities such as acupressure, facial reflexology, lymphatic facial massage and healing crystal massage. I often integrate my other modalities in the course of a treatment such as neck, shoulder, arm or foot massage, depending on what the client requires.

Prior to a first treatment, clients are asked to complete a consultation form to establish their skin concerns and also other life issues, such as general health, stress levels, hormone issues. For some clients there might be a particular concern such as puffiness, fine lines, dry skin, rosacea, acne, etc; whilst other clients may just want a relaxing treat that will help them to look and feel great.

If have any skincare concerns I am happy to chat with you to help establish the possible root cause. I also stock a range of Holos Skincare products in my treatment room, so if you are looking to invest in products or would like advice on the best products for you, I’m happy to help. (However, rest assured, my main priority is to help you improve your skin and relax and replenish your soul… not to push products!)

If you have any skincare concerns, or would like more information on holistic facials at Renew Therapies, feel free to email me at

Jennifer x

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