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Do you Gua Sha?

Facial Gua Sha is a healing and beautifying ritual for the face, neck and décolletage. Using specially shaped flat healing stones (often made from jade or rose quartz) gently ‘scraped’ or massaged across the skin to encourage lymphatic flow, promote circulation and to smooth and lift the skin.

It’s a technique that's really easy to master and use at home and can give really fantastic results, including:

  • Reduces puffiness by assisting lymph drainage

  • Encourages blood circulation (fresh blood = healthy glowing skin!)

  • Helps to encourage collagen and elastin production (naturally lifting the face)

  • Helps to decrease fine lines, pigmentation and wrinkles

  • Removes toxins from the skin so helps to clarify the complexion and tackle acne

  • Helps to ease tension in the muscles of the face (jaw, brows)

  • Rejuvenates skin cells giving a healthy glow

  • Helps to reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eye area

I use gua sha in almost all of my Signature Holistic Facials (there are some contraindications, including botox and fillers) and love the instant lift and glow it gives to the facial features. This video shows my ‘at home’ gua sha routine - it’s at double speed so go slowly!!

Starting with cleansed skin, apply a few drops of facial oil (I use Holos Love Your Skin Anti-Aging Facial Oil). Starting at the clavicle, work outwards to help drain the lymph. Then gently stroke up the sides of the neck and follow the video, working outwards and upwards to the top of your forehead. You can use the tip of the gua sha to ‘erase’ fine lines and wrinkles (like a pencil eraser!) and to gently work into areas of tension, which I often find around the jaw line and across the brows. Then work the gua sha gently outwards and downwards again, picturing the stagnant lymph draining down towards the nodes behind the ears and then down the neck towards the collar bone.

You can incorporate this into your daily routine, or even as a weekly ritual. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!!

Jennifer x

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