Zone Face Lift

Naturally Lift your Face & Spirit  

Renowned for removing a much as 10 years of ageing in a 12-week programme The Zone Face Lift is being hailed by many as a credible natural alternative to botox and dermal fillers.


Developed by award winning beauty expert, Ziggie Bergman, The Zone Face Lift combines traditional reflexology methods and ancient healing techniques from Native American shamans with Eastern beauty tools including Facial Gua Sha, crystals and accupressure rollers. 

Beauty Benefits:

* Naturally stimulated collagen and elastin, smoothing and tightening the face

* Helps reduce pigmentation, reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes

* Reduces lines and wrinkles

* Can improve acne 

* Helps to release emotions held in the face

* Lymphatic drainage effect to help sculpt the jaw, neck and cheekbones

As well as being a fabulous beauty treatment, The Zone Face lift has all the benefits of a classic reflexology treatment and helps to rebalance the body.  It can also be a powerful tool to reduce stress, tension & anxiety. Clients have also experienced great results using this to help relieve migraines, sinus problems, IBS, joint pain, teeth grinding Bells Palsy & depression.

All Zone Face Lift treatments are performed using NYR Organic skincare products. All are vegetarian friendly (vegan friendly products can be used on request), and are are never tested on animals. 

For optimal results, the Zone Face is delivered as part of a 12 week programme which lifts the face and spirit. Treatment plans are bespoke to each client and the result is a transformative journey, inside and out.

Praise for The Zone Face Lift at Renew Therapies: 

"A friend recommended I try the Zone Facelift at Renew Therapies. She told me I would leave with glowing skin and that people would notice the difference for days.  She was right!   


But what she didn’t tell me was that this is more than a facial -  it’s a full on experience.  I  floated out of that treatment room feeling like I’d been away on an overnight retreat. It was so holistic.   From the acupressure on the feet and the precious stones used on my face it was a deeply relaxing ritual; much more than just a beauty treatment.  Jennifer the therapist even brought me on a guided meditation so I experienced a truly deep level of relaxation.


For days people commented on my skin tone.   I had friends of friends asking me what moisturizer I was using. I shared my newfound secret!   This is a divine treatment to gift to someone you love. Or even better, treat yourself."  Caroline Morahan, LA / Irish Actress

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